About me

Artist statement

My artistic practice explores diverse visual strategies for representing human ecology – the study of interrelationships between people and their environment. By responding creatively to my observations, musings and lived experiences I seek to re-evaluate the relationship of human and non-human nature. Over time these artworks form a record of my thoughts and encounters that evolve in relation to my increased knowledge and appreciation of human/nature exchanges and interactions. In employing a variety of natural and artificial materials, together with diverse representational methods, I see my artworks as opportunities to respond to ecological relationships using unconventional methods that preference metaphor, allusion, humour, satire and symbolism. Due to their ecological dynamism I am attracted to locations where exchanges occur across thresholds to produce natural/artificial interfaces; whilst my interaction with natural systems as mediated through, and within, my domestic environment, form particular points of interest and inspiration.

Design statement

I undertake design projects – furniture and objects – that combine a high standard of craft and finish with an elegant appearance. The intelligent use of material is of central consideration, while I also aim to challenge peoples' perspective of familiar materials.

Curriculum vitae

View my curriculum vitae [PDF]