Flight Path (2016)

Flight Path explores how an external agency can permit a reinterpretation of movement within the domestic environment. In this instance the path flown by a fly becomes the focus. The decision how to move through the home’s interior no longer originates with me, rather my traversal is dictated by the fly. Unlike the fly I am required to negotiate furniture and built-in benches to keep up the chase, becoming more aware of the presence of these familiar objects and my relationship to them in the process. I must also try to catch the fly with my hand at every opportunity, the failure to do this highlights my powerlessness to influence wild nature even in relation to a fragile house fly. Metaphorically the fly symbolises the many and varied aspects of wild nature that despite being unseen, obscured or having their natural process deliberately thwarted constantly influence how my life is lived.

Digital video. Duration 5:03 minutes.