Nomads (2006)

Randomly combining incongruous elements to create a surreal object can be enlightening as the process negates rational thinking to produce unconsidered formal and conceptual connections. Attaching furniture legs and casters to concrete building blocks implies movement for an object usually considered solid and stationary. Although reminded of pull-along toys, these bricks pose too great a hazard for small hands and feet; instead they become animated feral creatures composed from society’s detritus, perhaps scuttling between hiding places when unobserved.

The salvaged materials exhibit signs of a previous life, giving individual characteristics to a mass produced item. Such personalisation imbues the Nomads with charm, aiding the development of humour. This is emphasised when displayed them en masse when they become a herd, a group of animals caught in the act of moving, jumping and jostling.

Salvaged concrete bricks, funiture legs, casters. Dimensions variable.
'Nomads' by Dean Chatwin'Nomads' by Dean Chatwin'Nomads' by Dean Chatwin'Nomads' by Dean Chatwin