Peacemaker (2018)

Peacemaker takes the form of a pull-along toy, a wooden rendering of a Toyota Landcruiser entombed in a veneer of broken glass. This make of vehicle is frequently used by the United Nations when operating in zones of conflict, however I am confused and disappointed by the inability of such political organisations to achieve peace in locations suh as Gaza.

Although the fractured glass engenders a certain beauty and attraction, such enchantment is tempered by the material’s potentially hazardous nature and its ability to easily inflict injury. This reading relates to my desire to create an object that is at once captivating but also repulsive. By encasing the toy within glass, reference is made to how the innate desire to play is beyond reach to many children in Gaza due to the ongoing hostilities.

This artwork was included in the exhibition Small Moments of Beauty and Truth and auctioned to raise funds to support the Gaza Children Cinema.

Photography by Peter Whyte.

Tasmanian oak, glass. Dimensions 24 x 14 x 9 (h) cm.