Plot (2012)

Some natural elements are ‘invited’ into our homes; this is typified by the controlled interactions where water is used for washing or cleaning. However observing and searching the interior of my home I became aware of uninvited ‘guests’, an endemic community whose small size allowed them to squeeze through gaps and reside relatively unnoticed. These micro-fauna came to constitute an aspect of my domestic ecology that was unexpectedly diverse and abundant. Unlike similar surveys designed to establish a location’s range of different species and population of each species, Plot was concerned with revealing encounters, the interactions involving myself, micro-fauna and home. This is achieved by using still digital images that detail poignant situations – occasions where unintentional deaths occur or spiders consume prey – to progressively emphasise the complexity of the domestic ecology. This method of presentation contextualised each image as a point of reference, a progression towards the development of a ‘map’ in a manner paralleling a topographic map’s assemblage of information to link discrete locations into a regional representation.

4 channel digital video. Duration 5:02 minutes.