Reflection (2012)

In an increasingly urbanised world, the comfortable interior of our homes - the domestic - can contribute to a sensation of isolation from ‘wild’ nature, as people become literally insulated from the outside world. Within the domestic context resources are frequently mediated via extensive infrastructural networks; gas, power and water appear as if by magic to heat, illuminate and quench our thirst. The 2-channel digital projection Reflection sought to focus on the illusion of such domestic separation by comparing documentation of kitchen sink water (following the act of dishwashing) with the forms of lakes located within the catchment area for that domestic water supply. By projecting a looped series of paired, still images I draw attention to the formal similarity between dishwashing water and Tasmanian Highland lakes to emphasise domestic connections – and reliance – to the wider natural environment.

2 channel digital video. Duration 13:54 minutes.