Refresh (2017)

I am really interested in the process of washing dishes. After placing the plug and turning the tap water fills the sink. In the process I add detergent to assist with the cleaning. Although it is not obvious much of this water has travelled quite a distance across Tasmania. I started to look at and consider the different varieties of dishwashing liquid and noticed that the fragrances are exotic and have little to do with where I live or where the water that I use comes from. In reaction to this I decided to research features of the catchment area where my water comes from and create fictional dishwashing liquid varieties that are appropriate for where I live – Orange Bellied Parrot with Button Grass Habitat, Electric Buzz, Distillation of Peat Tannins from Carbon Sequestration, World Heritage Runoff with Gondwana Echo, Traces of Deepest Water Morainal Minerals and Gunnii Brew with Gradual Habitat Reduction..

Ink on polyethylene and digital print. Installation.