Transplant (2006)

Transplant as a concept is frequently associated with human organs; however, plants are also commonly transplanted. In this light, I saw the pruned poplar branches as ‘patients’ whose wellbeing (like that of human patients) was of central consideration. Incorporating clear plastic tubes to bubble air through bags of water, a mechanical air pump, and wheeled stainless steel stands assists in developing an aesthetic referencing aspects of medical and scientific procedures.

In many respects the installation Transplant represents the culmination of research during my Honours Degree. Virtually without exception life, human or otherwise, requires access to air and water for survival. By placing the poplar branches within small, clear bags filled with water, and suppling oxygen via plastic tubes, reliance on these two resources is emphasised.

Plastic tube, poplar branches, stainless steel, casters, plastic bags, water, air compressor. Dimensions variable.
'Transplant' by Dean Chatwin'Transplant' by Dean Chatwin'Transplant' by Dean Chatwin'Transplant' by Dean Chatwin