Tread (2016)

Tread is a visual pun with sticky weed seeds (Galium aparine) arranged on a pair of socks to form the tread of the shoes that I usually wear. Tread is about materials, their respective properties and their relationship to my life. It is about exploring how a particular pattern and object can symbolise process, engagement and exchange.

Tread was inspired by observations and reflections on how weeds spread within my garden, and in particular my role in this movement. The irony of this situation is that despite my actions being aimed at increasing the size of a crop or the appearance of an ornamental plant there are also unintended consequences. These unexpected outcomes are evidence of my inability to exert absolute control even within a confined area highlighting openness and complexity.

Synthetic fabric, Galium aparine (stickyweed) seed. Dimensions 30 x 25 x 3 (h) cm.