Unbalanced (2018)

A seesaw is about balance. Teamwork is required to make it operate effectively requires – one party contributing positively before the other has their turn. Unbalanced subverts a seesaw’s operation in reference to the situation experienced by Palestinians living in Gaza, specifically in relation their treatment by Israel. Formally this is achieved by locating the balance-point off centre. To emphasise this modification, and perhaps imply hope that the future will bring an improvement in the current situation, a series of holes suggest that the relationship can be altered.

Integral to the scultpure, laminated digital prints are cut into strips and woven through steel mesh - images of destruction in Gaza are juxtaposed with images of the national flower of Palestine. I saw the flower (which contains the colours of the Palestinian flag) as a symbol of hope, while the scenes of destruction vividly depict the dreadful conditions currently being endured, the antithesis of peace.

Timber, steel mesh, concrete bricks and laminated digital prints. Dimensions 244 x 27 x 60 (h) cm.