Water Play (2019)

Water’s movement through the environment has been likened to a form of information transfer, a situation that would have the water bringing traces of the landscape through which it has travelled into my home. Mirroring this exchange, I communicate with the water by writing the names of the waterways it has traversed on its terrestrial journey to my sink. This symbolic gesture assists the water to understand its past whist allowing a better appreciation of the ecological connections that bind me to place.

In many instances this water’s journey is highly regulated, moving via an engineered landscape to facilitate the production of power, the provision of water for irrigation and drinking water. These artificial interventions bring to mind a form of play as the water spectacularly cascades down dam walls or joyfully roars through pipes/canals or sluice gates in actions reminiscent of amusement park rides.

The water feature names traced into the water are listed below.

Lake Athena Lake Arlette Ina Lagoon

Lake Pallas Rufus Rivulet Little Nive Rivulet

Lake Payanna Lake Rufus Little Nive River

Lake Riengenna Little Navarre Creek Burrow Lake

Cuvier River Coats Creek Cuppa Lake

Lake Petrarch King William Creek Lake Jackie

Stony Creek Navarre River Nive River

Narcissus River Mary Anne Creek Lake Eagle

Cephissus Creek Guelph River Lake Malbena

Marion Creek Surprise River Lake Nugetina

Lake Marion Surprise Tarn Mary Tarn

Lake Laura Access Creek Lake Lorretta

Lake Kellatie Lake Anne Lake Ingrid

Chigah Lake Saxon Creek Lake Tiddler

Rim Lake Divide Creek Lake Linnhe

Lake St. Clair Counsel River Kenneth Creek

Lake St. Clair Lagoon Hanlon Creek Lake Nugara

Ling Roth Lakes Beech Creek Little River

Lake Norman Coxs Creek Three Arm Lake

Lake Lula Lake King William Lake Pogana

Travellers Rest River Big Nive River Pats Tarn

Travellers Rest Lagoon Lake Nive Lake Olive

Broken Leg Creek Nive Lagoon Olive Lagoon

Middle River Lake Lenone Curena Creek

Lake Adda Middle Lake Lake Rotali

Lake Eva Lake Ina Lake Naomi

Christys Creek Powena Creek Wentworth Creek

Lunka Lake Lake Fanny Dunnys Creek

Christys Lagoon New Years Lake Tarraleah Canal 1

Zig Zag Lake Talleh Lagoons Wilsons Creek

Sandy Lake Lake Antimony Ringing Creek

Ada Lagoon Lina Tarn Wagatinah Lagoon

Talineh Lagoon Lake Galaxis Black Bobs Rivulet

Cobblers Creek Spear Creek Clements Marsh

Little Pine River Chummy Lake Florintine River

Hood Lagoon Pine Tier Lagoon Salvation Creek

Lake Booth Dyes Rivulet Griffin Creek

Block Marsh Clarence River McGillan Creek

Block Creek Laughing Jack Lagoon Tiger Creek

First Lagoon Brown Marsh Creek Myrtle Creek

Second Lagoon Nivelle Rivulet Little Florintine River

East Rocky Lagoon Serpentine Rivulet Churchill Creek

Lake Chipman Bronte Canal Arndell Creek

Lake Kay Bronte Lagoon Eden Creek

Bulls Lagoon Woodwards Creek Cashons Creek

Lake Fergus Clarence Pipeline McLeods Creek

Little Pine Lagoon Woodwards Canal Coles Creek

Bung Bung Creek Dee Tunnel Glow Worm Creek

Lake Solome Bradys Lake Blue Creek

Wild Dog Creek Bradys Creek Misery Creek

Lake Ball Bradys Canal Jungle Creek

Pine River Lake Binney Golf Creek

Lake Solveig Tungatinah Lagoon Broad River

Lake Sonja Hornes Creek Lake Seal

Lake Sally Hornes Dam Lake Webster

Silver Lake Wentworth Canal Cascade Rivulet

Broad River Marshes Lake Dobson

Emmitt Creek Duele Rivulet Breton Rivulet

Davis River Creek of Jack Flexmore Creek

Sawdust Creek Kenmore Creek Great Lake

Strottons Creek Simpsons Creek Shannon River

Fehlberg Creek Dry Hills Creek Penstock Lagoon

Lake Catagunya Branching Marshes Flagstaff Creek

Lake Repulse Deep Lake Wihareja Lagoon

Repulse River Grub Lake Wihareja Creek

Sabbath Creek Thompsons Lake Noels Creek

Islet Creek Second Bar Lake Ripple Creek

Cluny Lagoon River Ouse Christian Marsh

Gerhards Creek Lake Augusta Crystal Marsh

Lake Benjamin Armytage Rivulet May Creek

Lake Samuel Five Mile Marsh Lagoon of Islands

Highland Waters Liawenee Canal Soldiers Marsh

Four Mile Marsh Creek Monpeelyata Creek Soldiers Creek

Sukes Marsh Hawksdale Creek Blackburn Creek

Sukes Creek Three Mile Marsh Synnots Creek

Brown Marsh Spring Marshes Creek Top Hat Creek

Mentmoor Creek Gibraltar Marsh Madmans Creek

Top Marshes Womens Creek Ashton Creek

Harrys Creek Bashan Plains Rivulet Wellwood Creek

Brocken Bay Creek Martin Cashs Marsh Waterloo Creek

Lake Echo Boggy Marsh Rivulet Black Hill Creek

Echo Forebay Triangle Marsh Rivulet Jones Rivulet

River Dee McGuires Marsh Dry Creek

Jacksons Creek Cider Park Creek Mentos Creek

Dee Lagoon Kermodes Rivulet Ironstone Creek

Pearces Creek Pine Tree Rivulet Angus Rivulet

Mickey Creek

Bucks Creek Ovens Creek Dead Horse Creek

Silver Plains Creek Dew Rivulet Wool Pack Creek

Dogs Head Creek Jones Marsh Belmont Rivulet

Agnews Creek Bradburys Rivulet Askrigg Creek

Lake Crescent Cockatoo Valley Rivulet Murders Creek

River Clyde Black Gully Creek Styx River

Belles Creek Meadowbank Lake Charon Rivulet

Belles Marsh Longbottom Creek Gold Creek

Scrummys Marsh Creek Meadowbank Creek Cliff Creek

Blacksnake Creek Glenelg Creek South Styx River

Bog Hut Creek Fourteen Mile Creek Gee Creek

Good Marsh Kallista Creek Minera Creek

Bryans Creek Carpenters Creek Cataract Rivulet

Weasel Plains Creek Tyenna River Brineys Creek

Grubbed Marsh Creek Pillingers Creek Shaws Creek

Bark Hut Creek Junee River Park Creek

Bisdee Creek John Bull Creek Torrent Creek

Fordell Creek Lake Belton Charlies Hope Creek

Squares Marsh Humbolt Creek Puzzle River

Grass Hut Rivulet Lake Belcher Lobster Creek

Pitcairns Marsh Canaways Creek Stoney Creek

Ibbottvale Creek Routs Creek Plenty River

Abyssinia Creek Lake Fenton Dwyers Creek

Meadsfield Creek Lady Barron Creek Lessons Creek

Langdons Creek Russell Fall Creek Glenfern Creek

Spring Hill Creek Nations Creek Cobos Creek

Emu Bottom Creek Fentonbury Creek Johnnys Creek

Lords Hill Creek Boyes Creek Mikes Creek

Ellengowan Creek Canny Creek River Derwent

Allenvale Rivulet Norton Creek Bloomfield Creek

Bry Estyn Water Treatment Plant

Digital video. Duration 1:05.06 minutes.