Diversion (2009)

Diversion represented a development of the site-specific installation Catchment. Whereas Catchment operated to supplement the amount of water naturally delivered to a pond, Diversion (the physical pipe installation) operated by diverting stormwater from my home’s roof inside where it could be used in the kitchen sink. This action was initiated in part by reinterpreting building roofs as artificial topographies, miniature mountain ranges that collect and concentrate rainfall in an analogous fashion to their natural counterparts. Additionally I was motivated to intercept and use this water resource as it is typically discarded, literally wasted.

Within a gallery context Diversion consisted of a synchronised pair of digital videos; one depicting rain falling on the roof outside, the other documenting how the water delivered inside was used to undertake a number of prosaic domestic activities. As such, Diversion manifests a connection between the home’s interior and its exterior in order to prompt consideration of other similar interrelationships.

2 channel digital video with audio. Duration 9:48 minutes.