Drain (Bradys Lake) (2017)

Developing works that reference how resources link the domestic and wider environments are an ongoing theme within my art practice. In this instance fabricated kitchen sink drain boards reproduce the shape of Bradys Lake to highlight the capacity for object, function, context and form to embody and emphasise ecological connections. To this end I came to think how water flowing from taps within my home would affect the level of water in Bradys Lake ever so slightly. Though fanciful, imagining such a situation allowed me to conceptualise my home as an extension of this landscape.

Despite being located within an area that could be described as wilderness (remote, largely forested and with little in the way of visible buildings) Bradys Lake was selected as it is artificial, a result of a hydroelectric scheme constructed in the Tasmanian Highlands. Where once a small stream flowed there is now a substantial body of water that is part of the network that channels water to my home.

Stainless steel sink drain boards, Tasmanian oak, PVC and plug. Dimensions 290 x 145 x 30 (h) cm