Stand (2007)

Addressing society’s ‘quantification’ of natural resources Stand represents an architecturally inspired arboreal reinterpretation - a tree that had been designed to efficiently use material. Dead eucalypt leaves were selected as their colour blends with the tree ‘trunks’ to create a cohesive appearance. However the form of the curved leaves contrasts with the linear sticks, creating natural and artificial points of reference. Compared to the austere ‘trunks’ the leaf flourishes are positively baroque; a contrast that alludes to society’s propensity to transform the irregular or inhomogeneous into uniform (‘usable’) products. By amalgamating the processed and the natural, Stand illustrates society’s permanent connection to, and reliance on, the natural environment.

Eucalypt timber, eucalypt leaves. Dimensions - 2 elements - 28 x 28 x 105 (h)cm, 18 x 25 x 160 (h)cm.
'Stand' by Dean Chatwin