Surprise Packet (2017)

It is often the unexpected that inspire and excite, and act to draw one deeper into the process of gardening. operation – sometimes it is good not to be in control. With this in mind I invite people to take a packet of seeds of unknown type. All that is revealed is that the seeds should be planted in spring and will grow into an edible plant. It is up to the recipient to plant, tend and pick, a process that will gradually reveal information. Without any preconceived idea of the outcome the tenderer operates in a heightened state, observing closely and responding as required. As such, an opportunity is generated whereby people become more intimately connected with the natural cycle of germination, growth, harvest and consumption then would otherwise be the case.

It is worth noting that a Facebook page was developed so that people taking seeds could easily share their experiences. However, despite all 250 seed packets being taken only 1 person contributed and then only briefly. This situation raised questions such as how many people actually planted the seeds?

Mixed media. Installation.